Hiring The Right Tech Talent



Home to the world’s youngest population, the African continent is seeing a steady rise in top tech talent ready to contribute to projects all over the world? 100Kode helps you use, connect with and retain that talent to keep your business growing and your tech needs addressed.

Hire talented developers to join your team remotely on a short or long-term basis using our monthly subscription model. Our developers work during your business hours (4 hours ahead of EST):

* Front end (React, Angular)

*  Backend ( NodeJS, PHP)

* Mobile (React Native)

A Word From Our Founder


“I’ve always been a big believer in the transformational power of technology, while being also a big believer in the potential of Africa. 100Kode is a way for me to marry these two passions of mine by allowing techies on the African continent to become part of the global workforce.”

-Abou Kone